Educate the activated, activate the educated

Bringing theology to the local church

Tent Theology brings real theology to every Christian. We help churches equip and encourage each other through quality Word and Spirit theology delivered in an engaging, relevant and lively manner.
Many people assume that theology is only for ‘professional’ Christians: academics or people called to leadership.
We believe that theology is relevant and life-enhancing for all believers and that its benefits shouldn't be confined to universities, seminaries and colleges.



Tent Theology DESIGNS a bespoke theology programme, created for the host church.


Tent Theology DELIVERS the material. Leading theologians and practitioners live and work with the local congregation for the duration of the programme.


Tent Theology CONTINUES the relationship with the congregation through mentoring, one-to-one meetings and other consultancies.


Tent Theology can RETURN at any time with new material to serve the developing needs of the church.


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