the host

Dr Stephen Backhouse is the founder and primary host of Tent Talks. He has undergraduate and masters degrees from the Universities of Oxford and McGill. His doctorate, from Oxford, draws from the thought of Søren Kierkegaard to critique modern forms of Christian nationalism. Stephen teaches and writes widely on politics, religion, patriotism and power. Originally from Canada, he is a long term resident of the UK, with extended periods living in the United States.

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He is currently writing a book on power, HERE.
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the show

Tent Talks began in the spring of 2020. A political philosopher, theologian and expert in Christian nationalism, Stephen started the podcast when he found he could not adequately reply to all the emails coming in from students and readers distressed by the rising tide of religious nationalism engulfing not only America, but also the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. Other co-hosts join the show from time to time, bringing much needed perspectives from countries and cultures all around the world. In an effort to fight bad ideas with good ideas, Tent Talks offers teaching sessions, interviews and conversations with fellow travellers and people of peace seeking the renewal of our social and political imagination.


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