Sian is passionate about seeing the Church flourish through preaching and teaching rooted in robust theological discourse, and through missional activity that does not simply meet a need, but does so by promoting and embodying a distinctively Christian vision of what it truly means to be human.

Sian's area of focus is on how we can draw older people into Church life in a way that best represents God's purposes for community living. She believes that older people are not just a group to be supported or helped by the Church, but that, through experience of losing certain elements of life, they hold the keys to crucial lessons for discipleship and Christian formation. Sian has extensive experience in the secular world working with older people across charitable and social care sectors (see more info on her work here), and has pioneered, led and consulted on ministries with and for old people within Churches across the UK. 

Sian holds an undergraduate first class degree in Theology from Cambridge, and an MA from St Mellitus College, where she completed a dissertation looking at how the vulnerability and dependence of Christ can inform our approach to our own ageing and older people. In September 2021 she will be commencing a research PhD project, asking the question as to how further key Christian doctrines such as justification and salvation can help us find purpose as our abilities to do "good works" as society understands them diminishes with age. See here for more information.

Sian is a visiting lecturer at Cliff College and a theological consultant for Christian Think Tank, Theos on their upcoming report on Ageing.  

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