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In February and March 2021, an international collection of worship leaders and song writers joined Dr Stephen Backhouse for a Tent Theology series on the theological dimensions of worship music, the political imagination of the New Testament, and a look at the state of the industry today.

Stephen is a political theologian who specialises in matters around Christian Nationalism, patriotic identity and allegiance. Following a slew of emails and requests from worship leaders distressed by the open adoration of nationalism, militant patriotism and conspiracy theories endorsed by some of the most prominent figures in the field, Stephen decided to put on a series of sessions for people in the industry.  

These were not sessions intended to debate whether nationalism, Trumpism and conspiracy paranoia are compatible with Christian worship. Instead these were sessions for people who already know these things are opposite to the Way of Jesus, but who are wondering what to do about it. 

How did we get here? Where do we go now? What positive practices can we as Christian leaders put in place for future generations?

These sessions focus on the New Testament and on the political imagination of the people who knew Jesus. The recordings cover four main sessions overall, covering patriotism, power, popularity and prophecy. 

As some of the participants have a visible profile and would find it difficult to air their concerns in public, we have edited out any names or identifying comments in the recordings. We hope these sessions will help you.


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