Christians shouldn't have to leave church to learn about Christianity

Why Tent Theology?

Most of us assume that theology is only for ‘professional’ Christians: academics or people called to leadership.

What is more, we think theology is a subject that must be studied at a university, seminary or college.

This is absurd. 

Theology is not only for leaders, the elite or academics. It is for everyone.

A new old way

Tent Theology is a new old way of bringing theology to the heart of the church. 

The earliest followers of Christ did their learning about Jesus within the context of fellowship and worship, with preachers and teachers travelling from city to city, thinking their excellent thoughts while living life together with their local congregations. Church fathers wrote world-changing theology while discipling their flock, healing the sick, ministering to the poor and evangelising the lost. 

Even today the best modern theology comes not only from the ivory tower but also from the streets, pews and pulpits of the local congregation. 

Theology is not objective. It is worship. Theology is not serious. It is fun. Theology is not dry and academic. It is life and health and Spirit filled.

Educate the activated, activate the educated

Tent Theology brings real theology to every Christian. We help churches equip and encourage each other through quality, Word and Spirit theology delivered in an engaging, relevant and lively manner. 

We design a bespoke theology course tailored for the needs of the host congregation, delivering the material in engaging and life-giving ways, without assuming prior knowledge or specialist education. 

True excellence and scholarship should never be divorced from fellowship and worship. All our teaching happens in the context of meeting, eating and praying together. 

Tent Theology works from the conviction that prophecy, healing and worship belong in the same space as scholarship, free questioning and thinking. We create spaces in which reverence, discussion and practice go hand in hand.


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