Real theology for local Christians

Who is Tent Theology for?

Does any of the following apply to you or your church?

  • You are part of a small church that cannot normally access theological resources. OR, you are a larger ‘resource’ church, seeking ways to aid other congregations.
  • You are looking for a way for local churches in the area to work together in partnership.
  • You are looking to develop your staff team, train church planters, equip small group leaders, and build up other members of your congregation.
  • Your church is looking to follow up Alpha or another introductory course.
  • You are looking to expand your discipleship toolkit.
  • Your people value healing, prophecy and prayer but are not well grounded in theology and biblical studies. OR, your people are well informed but unsure how knowledge of these deep Christian practices can be acted upon and experienced today.
  • You have identified people in your congregations who would love to be taken further in their Christian education and are thirsty for theology.
  • You want a way to identify people who have not otherwise thought that theology or teaching others was for them.
  • Your church is facing an issue, task or milestone which could benefit from theological thinking and Christian reflection at the corporate or individual level.

Did you say YES?

Tent Theology can help.


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