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What we do

Tent Theology designs and delivers theology programmes for a host church or church network, incorporating Word and Spirit activities, church history, biblical studies, and systematic theology.

Tent Theology does not involve essays, exams, set reading or accreditation. It does not assume prior theological education.

This can be followed up with Mentoring, Consultancy, and regular events to put theology at the heart of your church.

Participants are free to drop in and drop out as desired. There is no coursework to keep up with.


We design and deliver theological programmes for your church or church network. This can be a one-off or an annual event.


We provide one-to-one and team mentoring to give you theological input on a regular basis, building long-term partnerships.


We help to identify and advise on what theological input is needed, to support your vision and in response to specific subjects that may arise.

Your vision, your needs – Consider Tent Theology as part of the solution to your church's needs. We are not bound to one tradition or denomination. We serve the vision of the host church.

Theology programmes

In conversation with the host church, Tent designs a theological programme tailored for the congregation. The director creates the programme, curating other teachers and outside material as necessary. The material is delivered in person by the director and special guest lecturers and practitioners. A typical event occurs over a weekend or series of weekends, although Tent Theology is flexible with Tent Theology teachers putting on special events during the week, or joining the regular activities of the local church.

All events are optional and there is no requirement for people to attend every session. The material is intended for everyone, leaders and lay members alike. Prior theological education is not assumed or necessary. There is no coursework, essays, or exams.

Would your church benefit from a programme designed and delivered just for them? Are there people in your congregation who desire to go deeper with theology? Do you have people who would love engaging with theology even if they don’t yet know it? We can help.

Mentoring & consultancy

Tent Theology throughout the year

Tent Theology does not have to end with the teaching and residence. The director and Tent Theology teachers are available throughout the year to give advice or support to the host church. The director will maintain the relationship with the church, through regular mentor meetings and consultancies with you and your people.

Do you have a young teacher or budding theologian on your team that could do with a mentor? Do you need ongoing resources for equipping small group leaders or teaching pastors? We can help.

Continuing the journey

Tent Theology can return annually with fresh material and a new programme. The director and teachers build on existing relationships, continuing the conversation from where they left off.

Would your church benefit from experiencing theology together with worship and fellowship as a regular feature of the life of the congregation? We can help.

What does it cost?

The vision of Tent Theology is to make quality theological education and equipping available to a wide audience, especially communities who are not usually able to provide this resource to their people.

Tent Theology seeks to serve the local church at rates the local church can afford. Fees vary according to size of church and duration of the programme. Contact us for a quote.


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