Example programme – three day (weekend)

A group of three churches in rural Canada club together and host Tent Theology for a weekend, with one congregation providing the space for everyone to meet. In light of world events and an upcoming local election, the churches decide that they want to equip their members how to think and act Christianly about politics. They are especially keen to model how Christians can agree and disagree with each other while remaining in fellowship and loving their neighbours.



  • Service of worship and prayer for leaders in the community, led by the director and Tent Theology team
  • The team leads the group in a political theological bible study of Philippians



  • Breakfast and Worship
  • Two lectures on the Bible and early Christian political imagination: “Romans 13 and the Sermon on the Mount


  • Lunch
  • Short talk from two theologians of opposite political affiliations, followed by Q&A “Christianity and politics today” facilitated by the director


  • Local politicians are invited to a town hall meeting, hosted by the three churches and convened by the director



  •  The director teaches an Adult Sunday School session at one of the host churches


  • Talk on the politics of prophetic prayer at another of the host churches, followed by a practical listening prayer session

Some members of the congregations stay in touch with the director throughout the year. He is approached by one pastor to recommend some good material on Christian views of gender and sexuality for her staff team. Another of the churches decides to host a full Tent programme in the autumn: they ask the director to focus on the theme of “Theology and Healing”.


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