Frequently asked questions

What does it look like?

Tent Theology is tailored to the vision and needs of the host church or church network.

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Typical activites: format example >

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Are there essays, exams, and assignments?

No. Tent Theology is not a course for credit. It is a way to bring lively and accessible theology to anyone in your church at any level of education. Prior study of theology is not expected or required.

When and where can I access Tent Theology?

Tent Theology is a travelling programme. We come to where you are, when you want. 

Tent Theology currently has partners in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

How can I invite Tent Theology to my church / area?

Please use the email to request more information or to enquire about bringing Tent Theology to your church or church network.

How much does it cost?

The vision of Tent Theology is to make quality theological education and equipping available to a wide audience, especially communities who are not usually able to provide this resource to their people.

Tent Theology seeks to serve the local church at rates the local church can afford. Fees vary according to size of church and duration of the programme. Please contact us for a quote on email

Why 'Tent'?

Tents are good. God's people first worshipped Him in a meeting tent. King David pitched a tent for the Ark of the Lord. Isaiah counsels the people to enlarge their tents to make room for the Lord's blessing. The Psalms say the heavens are like a tent stretched above us. The Apostle Paul was a tentmaker, travelling from local church to local church as he worked and taught his way across the land. A tent is easy to set up. It is easy to take down. It is easy to take anywhere. 


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