Experiencing theology in the local Church

Experiencing theology in the local Church

A core value of Tent theology is that real theology belongs in the heart of the church. Scholarship and serious thinking cannot be divorced from fellowship and corporate worship. Knowledge about God is useless apart from adoration and experience of God. Likewise, genuine Spirit filled activity is shallow if it is not rooted in the rich soil of 2000 years of Christian thought and practice.  True scholarship does not put out the Spirit’s fire. Tent theologians value listening prayer, healing and prophecy. Practitioners are experienced at guiding individuals and groups in these practices. Tent Theology is infused with awe and love for the living God as revealed in Jesus Christ.

It is tailored and accessible

Tent Theology designs a theological program tailored for the congregation and serves the vision of the host church. It brings accessible, vibrant theology to local congregations, covering systematic theology, church history and biblical studies over a short period of time.

It can also work well as a follow up to introductory courses such as Alpha and Christianity Explored, and alongside longer programs such as SPTC’s ‘School of Theology.

Tent Theology is scholarly but not ‘academic’. The program is developed with the encouragement and equipping of the local congregation in mind. But it can also work well as a taster for people thinking of pursuing academic theology through places like St Mellitus College, Westminster Theological Centre and other institutions.

It is an ongoing partnership

Tent Theology is more than a programme. It provides churches with access to a theologian in residence. The director resides with the host church, living with the community and taking part in the life of the congregation. Special guests and teachers take time to sit with your people, talking and eating and worshipping together.

Do you and your people have tricky questions? A desire to linger over conversations that normally are rushed or ignored altogether? Is there an approaching milestone in the life of the church that could benefit from theological reflection? We can help.

It discovers and equips new leaders

It is a common assumption that theology is only for people already called to be church leaders. We have found that often the opposite is true: the study of theology activates and inspires people to public ministry who had otherwise thought that leadership was not for them. Tent Theology provides excellent opportunities for fostering local talent. Tent Theology teachers can give space for others to lead groups or sessions, and then give expert feedback and advice.

It creates a safe thinking space

Tent Theology creates space to talk about controversial or complex subjects in a respectful, rooted and theologically rich environment. Tent Theology models Christian agreement and disagreement, and provide tools for theological reflection, biblical engagement and prayerful response to whatever issues everyday Christians face.


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