Please note that all the material from the two Audio Series "Bible Study at the Beginning of the World" and "Followers of the Way" is being transferred to the Tent Theology Podcast. You can subscribe to the podcast following the link below.
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Suggested Resources

Here (hopefully) are all the people I mentioned during the episodes. These women and men cover many different races, nationalities, political ideologies and social backgrounds, and they include academics, artists and social media contributors. This is not an exhaustive list BY ANY MEANS, but by checking them out, and then by checking out who they check out, you will begin to curate a renewed imagination of what is possible for Followers of the Way. 

Barringer, Justin Bronson
Beck, Richard
Blower, David Benjamin
Cavanaugh, William
Claiborne, Shane
Coakley, Sarah
Cone, James
Ekblad, Bob
Ekblad, Gracie
France-Williams, Azariah
Giles, Keith
Gombis, Tim
Green, Chris
Greig, Pete
Hart, David Bentley
Hauerwas, Stanley
Hays, Richard
Irukwu, Agu
Jersak, Brad
Klager, Andrew
Koons, Lisa
Martin, Jonathan
Martins-Allen, Sheyi
Moore, David
Moore, Osheta
Moore, T.C.
Omenaka, Golibé
Peppiatt, Lucy
Reid, Nova
Robinson, Marilynne
White, Aaron
Wright, N.T.
Zahnd, Brian


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Of Saints and Sorrows:
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